What our client says

McKeel R

Adrian was absolutely excellent to work with! he got my Grandma a great Medicare plan at a low cost with all of the benefits she needs. The
experience over the phone was truly pleasant. He is very relatable to talk to because he understands the elderly needs in order to provide the best insurance that makes the most sense. It was easy going through all of the benefits. He was responsive and patient throughout the call. He answered all of my little questions with great knowledge and even offered a dental plan outside of his network that would be a better fit for my Grandma. I highly recommend giving him a call, you`ll be in great hands:)

I was not sure how to sign up for medicare,looked up medicare Broker where i live and adrian's name popped up, called him and he helped me sign up for medicare by helping me call social security.Once i got my medicare ,he helped me get a Medicare Advantage Plan without any monthly premiums,he didn't charge for his services,and was very helpful and easy to work with ,I will be referring him to my friends and family members who will be turning 65
Teresa M

I was turing age 65 and was not sure how medicare worked. went online to look for a broker and found me Mr. Mann's website,I called the number that was on the website and the phone picked up and Mr.was able to help me navigate through all the complexity of medicare.He was very patient and knowledgeable with the plans and helped me enroll into a medicare advantage plan